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Solve Climbing Highlights 2016 - South Platte, CO

The south Platte region just outside Denver has hosted a huge amount of climbing for decades, along with being a recreation paradise to so many other venues so close to a major city. We've been developing boulders around the Buffalo Creek area for almost four years now, with enough to have captured a small amount of classics, to be enjoyed by all once we legitimately document our scavenging of hillsides. We should, undoubtedly, be so appreciative of our playgrounds in National Forest, BLM and Access Fund bought land as it would be a boulderless world without them. Special thanks to all those who were willing to hang off ropes and scrub lichen and lose rock to establish these gardens for...

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Preview: Columbia River Collection

Here is a preview of one of Solve Climbing's upcoming climbing hold families shaped by Jered Bernert.  The Columbia River Collection is inspired by the igneous rock formations that flowed from volcanos in the Pacific Northwest around 15 million years ago. Ranging from massive features down to our first line of footholds, this diverse family of holds is also poised to be highest in number yet.  Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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Solve Climbing Origins - BURLS

Note: this is the first post in a series we are calling SOLVE CLIMBING ORIGINS where we discuss the inspiration behind, and the process of creating our holds. stay tuned for more...   The idea for the Solve Climbing Burls holds started back in the Summer of 2014. Solve Climbing shaper and artist in residence, Jered Bernert and I were enjoying a beer in his garage when I noticed a cool looking wood hueco that he sourced from a felled tree during his day-job as an arborist. Jered had intended to turn it into either a mirror or a clock and I mentioned that it would make a sweet climbing hold. We both agreed. Thus began the process of sourcing...

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