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About Solve Climbing

Solve Climbing was founded in 2015 by Adam Healy and Tony Bader, and is based in Centennial, CO. We are climbers, gym setters, bouldering area developers, entrepreneurs, and are super stoked to be a part of your climbing experience!

Solve Climbing is committed to bringing hand friendly, fun, and unique shapes to the climbing gym market. Our passion is climbing and we strive to make your climbing sessions as enjoyable as possible.

We are here to provide you excellent customer service. Let us work with you to outfit your climbing walls with quality products at an affordable price.

Go climbing, have fun, and enjoy monkeying around on Solve Climbing holds!
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Adam Healy

Adam was introduced to climbing in 1999 while attending Gonzaga University in Spokane, WA and has been hooked ever since. He has worked in the climbing industry since 2005 in roles including route setting, hold shaping, gym construction, and sales.

Adam's favorite form of climbing is bouldering. He currently lives in Colorado and enjoys to spend his free time in the South Platte region in search of new rock to climb. His dog Lira can usually be found running around with him and enjoying the boulder hunting. Adam has helped to develop multiple bouldering areas in the Pacific Northwest and various zones in the South Platte, CO.

Tony Bader
Co-Founder/Business and Operations Manager

Jered Bernert

native of Oregon and resident of Denver Colorado for 8 years.  Working for the last 10 years as a professional arborist, and professionally enjoying bouldering for the last 15.  Formerly influential in the development of bouldering around Oregon, including publication of "Carver Bouldering", a guidebook to Portland's largest local area, he now spends his weekends scrubbing blocks in Colorado's South Platte region. 

He's spent time in the past traveling and climbing in Asia, S. America, Canada, Europe as well as the homefront...the western US, he currently stays a bit closer to home with his Tacoma maxed out with his 250lbs of furry friends OSO and Atlas riding in back with the crash pads up top. If it's not a climbing day, and it's not one for scrubbing either you can also find Jered behind his camera, shooting others on stellar climbs or the scenery he loves so much around him. 

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